The propeller comes with the inside button battery.

When there is no power, you can refer to the below steps to change the button battery for the propeller.

Before installing the button battery, your hands shall touch some big metal thing to ensure there is no static electricity and avoid destroying the component part inside.

1 Changing Battery

First, loose the 2 screws on the battery cover with the attached screwdriver, and pull up them. Second, take out the used battery, and put the new button battery inside the case, and ensure the + anode is up, and the - cathode is down. At last, fix the cover with the screws and tighten them with the screwdriver in clockwise direction.

Caution: After installing the button battery, please ensure the battery cover fixing is firm enough. The company wont be responsible for the damages which made by the improper operation of the propeller or the battery fixing.





2 Attaching and Detaching the LED Flash Propellers

Use the LED flash propeller with Mavic. White ring and unmarked propellers indicate where they should be attached and in which direction they should spin.



Attaching the LED Flash Propellers

Attaching the white ringed propellers to the mounting base with marks. Press the propeller down onto the mounting plate and rotate in the lock direction until it is secured. Attach the other propellers to the mounting bases without marks. Please unfold all the propellers before flying.

Detaching the LED Flash Propellers

Press the propellers down into the motor mount and rotate in the unlock direction.




There is switch on the battery cover of the propeller. The factory default setting is off. When you are going to turn on the LED lights, please move the switch to on, and move it to off after flying to save the power.


4. Notes

a. The propeller is electronics, please keep it away from wet place.

b. Dont use it in raining or snowy day to avoid improper working of LED.

c. Please turn off the power of the LED lights after flying. If the light is weak, please change the button battery in time.

d. It is not recommended to fold the propeller vigorously and repeatedly, otherwise, the LED light strip may break off.

e. The surface of the LED strip root may be uneven or raised. It is normal for the propeller, but not quality problem.

f. The crash accident of the drone may damage the LED light(s). If it is not light, please change the propeller.